Why Mosquito More Active At Night

Why Mosquito More Active At Night?

We know Mosquito is one of the main ( ) For animals. Do you know why Mosquito are danger for other animals ? Sure, You know Mosquito can bear many types of virus like Malaria, Dangu and many more.

In this article i will share write about Why Mosquito More Active At Night? Let’s continue below:

Mainly Mosquito are active day and night. But we saw that Mosquito active more at night then day time. They take rest at whole day and active when sun down. They finding BLOOD for eating.

You know Mosquito’s main Food is Blood, they can take blood from any kinds of animals like Peoples, Cow, Dog, Goat , Hen and many more!

Why Mosquito More Active At Night?

For Example, you are people who active on day , you go to bed at night for your rest Right! Then you try to take a good Sleep with a good dream. Your activity dont shows like day.

So, Mosquito active there and they can eat Blood from your body! Its easy, if you active like day you can slap to Mosquito.

But, night time you can not do it.

So,Mosquito can get food easy at night.

For other animals same happen like Peopels.

Who We Prevent Mosquito ?

Mosquito is very danger for us, you must prevent them. But, the fact is how we can Prevent Mosquito? We have to do some work for this:

◉We should clean our environment properly.
◉We can not put water in Garden and any where for long term. We must clean it.
◉We can not put water at our little pond for long days.
◉We can Use Mosquito Net to prevent Mosquito at night.

If we can prevent Mosquito to take their Food easy, we can get success.


Finally, we should be clean aroud our home and use Mosquito net at day time and night time when you take rest. Mosquito get their Food easy at night that is real cause they are very active at night. Thanks for reading. Explore more Animals Fact Here Aww Animals.