Why Do Cats Lick You? 10 Reasons Your Kitty Licks You

Why Do Cats Lick You? 10 Reasons Your Kitty Licks You

Have you ever wondered why your cat licks you? And if you have wondered why chances are good that it’s because your kitty loves you and wants to show her affection!

Cats are some of the most affectionate creatures on this planet, but sometimes their affection can be a little odd. Like when they lick you for no apparent reason at all. And not just once; they go for it repeatedly, sometimes even in the middle of the night!

But don’t worry: Your cat doesn’t mean to annoy you (even though it may feel like it). Cat is just trying to show their love in the only way they know.

We’re here to help explain why your cat loves to lick you so much.

10 Reasons Your Kitty Licks You

Your cat is probably a little bit more affectionate than you think. Cats lick you because they love you but also because they want something.

Here are 10 reasons why your cat’s kitty licks you:

Reasons #1: To clean you

Cats spend a lot of time cleaning themselves, and licking is one way they do it. They also use their tongues to keep themselves clean when grooming, including licking their fur or even eating dirt (yes, really). So if your cat is licking you this way, particularly around the mouth or face, it’s most likely because she wants to keep herself clean and ensure she doesn’t have any food stuck in her fur. Like humans, cats are very particular about how they look and smell!

Reasons #2: To get attention

This one is obvious but is also the most common reason for kitty kisses. Cats are, after all, social creatures who need attention to thrive. If you’re not paying enough attention to your cat, she may decide that licking you is the best way to get it.

Reasons #3: Because they love you

Cats are very affectionate creatures, and they show it in various ways. One of the ways they show it is through licking. It’s a common misconception that cats lick because they’re trying to get something off of you, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, they try to show you how much they love you!

Reasons #4: They’re hungry

Your cat might be licking you because they’re hungry. If you feed your cat regularly, they still lick you because they’re looking for more food and a different flavor. If this is the case, try switching their diet to new flavors of wet or dry food—sometimes cats get bored with the same old stuff.

Reasons #5: To say hello

Kittens lick their mommies to say hi when they’re born! Kittens also lick their human parents to say, “I love you.” Your kitty might be trying to tell you something with those licks, so listen closely!

Reasons #6: They’re Checking Out Your Taste

Cats have a powerful sense of smell, so when they lick you, they’re likely tasting your skin to see if it tastes good. If you’ve got something on your body that smells like food (like perfume), they might be licking you to figure out what it is—and if they like it enough, they’ll start licking more!

Reasons #7: They Want To Show Affection

Cats have an innate need to bond with their human companions, and one way they do this is through grooming each other (or being groomed by each other). And since humans can’t groom each other as well as cats, can, our furry friends will often step in to give us a few licks!

Reasons #8: They’re Checking To See If You’re Safe

Cats are naturally curious and often lick their owners to check in on them. Even though this doesn’t make much sense to us humans, it makes perfect sense to kitties!

Reasons #9: It Feels Good To Them!

Cats also enjoy the feeling of their owners’ skin on their tongues. It’s smooth, it tastes good, and it feels nice! So when they’re grooming us, they’re not just doing it out of obligation. They enjoy the process. And that’s why cats like to lick us. It makes them feel good!

Reasons #10: Because you smell good

Cats have a keen sense of smell, which means they love how you smell. And when your cat licks you, it’s because they’re enjoying the scent of their favorite person in the world!


We’ve covered all the reasons why cats lick, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey into the world of kitty tongues.

Now that you know more about why your cat licks, don’t forget to keep an eye out for other signs that they’re feeling stressed or anxious—and don’t be afraid to ask your vet if there are any different ways you can help your cat be happy and healthy.


Why Do Cats Lick Their Humans So Much?

Cats lick their humans because they want to be cared for, loved, and groomed. Licking is one way for cats to show affection. It’s similar to how we kiss each other.

Do Cat Licks Mean Kisses?

The short answer is yes. Cat licks do mean kisses. But it’s not all about you. Cats will also lick themselves and other cats to communicate. They might also lick each other as a form of greeting or affection.

Should You Let Your Cat Lick You?

Yes! Cats are spotless animals and have a great tongue that is mainly designed to keep them clean. If your cat licks you, it’s because they love you and want to show you how much they care about you. If your cat licks you, take it as a compliment!

Do Cats Lick when They Love You?

Yes! Cats lick when they love you. Cats lick to groom themselves and each other, but they also do it to show affection. Cats often lick their owners’ hands or faces when they’re affectionate. If your cat licks you like this, don’t worry—it expresses love and trust.

Why does my cat lick me like crazy?

When your cat licks you crazy, they show you their love and affection. If the licking is accompanied by purrs or chirping sounds, it’s even more likely that they want to be close to you!


Cats lick to groom themselves, ingest fur, and show affection to their owners. Licking is a natural behavior in cats, which helps them to stay clean, regulate their body temperature, and show their love. Therefore, it is important to understand why cats lick so that owners can provide the best environment for their furry friends.