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There are a few ways to enter cheat codes in Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile. The most common way is to use a third-party app or website. Another way is to enter the code directly into the game’s files.

Finally, some players use special hardware or devices to input codes.

  • Enter the main menu of the game and select “Options.”
  • In the Options menu, select “Cheats.”
  • A Cheats menu will appear with a list of cheat codes that can be entered
  • Please select the desired cheat code and enter it into the text box that appears
  • Press the “Enter” key to activate the cheat code

How Do You Get Rich on Rival Stars Mobile?

There is no one guaranteed path to becoming rich on Rival Stars Mobile. However, a few basic tenets can help players increase their chances of amassing wealth in the game. Firstly, it is essential to be strategic in how resources are spent.

On Rival Stars Mobile, like many mobile games, there is a premium currency that can be bought with real money. This can give players a significant advantage if used wisely. Secondly, completing as many quests and objectives as possible is essential to earn rewards.

These rewards can then be reinvested into furthering progress in the game or exchanged for cash. Finally, it pays to be social on Rival Stars Mobile. Joining or creating a good guild can provide access to exclusive bonuses and opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.

How Do You Get a Black Horse in Rival Stars?

In Rival Stars, there are a variety of ways to get different coloured horses. Black horses are the most complex colour to obtain in the game. There are two main ways to get black horses: horse breeding or buying them from the Horse Market.

Horse breeding is the most common way to get black horses. You will need two parent horses carrying the black gene to breed a black horse. The chances of getting a black foal from two-parent horses with the black gene are about 25%.

So, if you’re patient and have some luck on your side, eventually, you will be able to breed a black horse. The other way to get a black horse is by purchasing one from the Horse Market. This is usually much more expensive than producing your own, but it is also much faster.

If you have the money and patience, buying a black horse from the Horse Market is probably your best bet.

Can You Get Free Rival Stars Horse Racing?

It is possible to get free Rival Stars Horse Racing. There are a few ways to do this: Look for websites offering giveaways or contests where the prize is a free game copy.

-Search for online codes that can be used to redeem a free copy of the game. These codes are typically found on forums or gaming websites. -Check social media accounts belonging to developers or publishers of the game for announcements regarding free copies being given away.

Can You Bet in Rival Stars Mobile?

Yes, you can bet on Rival Stars Horse Racing mobile. You can do this by Going to the settings page and turning on the “Allow betting” option. This will allow you to place bets on races that are happening in the game.

The amount of money you can bet is determined by how much you have in your account.

How to Get Free Gold on Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile

Did you know you can get free Gold on Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile? Here’s how: 1. Collect coins as you play the game.

You’ll receive a coin for every race you win, and they can be redeemed for Gold. 2. Complete achievements to earn rewards, including Gold. There are a variety of achievements to complete, so keep an eye out for them while you’re playing.

3. Check in daily to collect your free bonus rewards. These change regularly but often include Gold as a reward. 4. Participate in special events that are held periodically within the game.

These usually have gold prizes up for grabs, so don’t miss out!

Rival Stars Horse Racing Cheats Android

If you’re looking for a way to get ahead in Rival Stars Horse Racing, you may be tempted to search for cheats online. However, be warned that many of the so-called “cheats” out there are fake or malicious. Stick to trusted sources only when looking for ways to improve your gameplay.

One legitimate way to cheat in Rival Stars Horse Racing is using modded files. These modified files can give you an edge by providing features not intended by the developers, such as unlimited money or items. However, using modded files is risky because getting caught and banned from the game is easy.

Only use mods from trusted sources; be sure to back up your original game files before installing any mods. Another way to cheat is by taking advantage of glitches in the game itself. These glitches can be exploited to duplicate items or earn free coins.

However, the developers often patched these glitches quickly, so they may only be available for a short time. Keep an eye out on websites and forums dedicated to Rival Stars Horse Racing for the latest information on exploits and how to use them. Finally, remember that cheating doesn’t always mean getting ahead in the game itself.

Sometimes it just means finding ways to have more fun with the game.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk Cheats

Welcome to our Rival Stars Horse Racing apk cheats guide. This guide will give you all the information you need to get ahead in the game and give you an edge over your competition. We’ll start by looking at some of the best ways to get more coins in Rival Stars Horse Racing.

Then we’ll move on to some tips and tricks for winning races, and finally, we’ll finish up with a few words about betting. So without further ado, let’s get started! One of the easiest ways to get more coins in Rival Stars Horse Racing is to buy them.

You can do this by tapping on the “Store” button in the main menu and selecting the “Coins” tab. From there, you can choose how many coins you want to purchase and then confirm your purchase with your Google Play account. Coins are relatively cheap, so this is a viable option if you’re looking to get ahead quickly in the game.

If you don’t want to spend money on coins, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways to get them. One of the most effective methods is playing a lot and winning races. Every time you win a race, you’ll earn a nice chunk of change that can be used to upgrade your horse or buy new horses outright.

If you’re diligent about it, you can earn quite a lot of free coins just by playing often and doing well in races. Of course, if you want to rake in the big bucks, then betting will be your best bet (pun intended). Betting allows you to risk some hard-earned coins to earn even more if your horse comes out on top.

It’s risky business – but if lady luck is smiling upon you, it could end up paying off handsomely indeed. Just be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose!

Rival Stars Horse Racing Gold Generator

If you are looking for a way to get free Gold in Rival Stars Horse Racing, you may be interested in using a Gold Generator. This tool can generate unlimited amounts of Gold for your account and is entirely free to use! There are no surveys or offers to complete, and you can start generating Gold immediately after downloading the program.

The Rival Stars Horse Racing Gold Generator is very easy to use; enter your username and the amount of Gold you want to generate. After that, you must click on the “Generate” button and wait for the process to finish. Once done, the specified amount of Gold will be instantly added to your account!

Many other great features are included in the Rival Stars Horse Racing Gold Generator, such as the ability to generate Gems and Coins. You can also use it to unlock all available horses and upgrades in the game. Overall, this is a handy tool that any Rival Stars Horse Racing fan should take advantage of!

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile Tips

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a mobile game that allows you to experience the thrill of horse racing right from your phone. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Rival Stars Horse Racing experience: 1. Get to know the different types of horses.

There are three horse breeds in Rival Stars Horse Racing: Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, and Quarter Horses. Each species has its own unique set of statistics that can affect how well it performs in races. Be sure to check a horse’s stats before placing bets on them.

2. Learn about racehorse conditioning. Conditioning is essential for any athlete, and racehorses are no exception. In Rival Stars Horse Racing, you can use carrots as a form of currency to purchase training items that will help improve your horse’s condition.

A well-conditioned horse will have an easier time winning races. 3. Pay attention to the post position draw. The post-position draw is where each horse is assigned a starting gate position for the race.

This can be important in determining which horse has the best chance of winning.

How to Hack Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a mobile game that can be hacked to get free resources and in-game items. There are a few ways to do this, but the most common method is to use a modified version of the game. This can be done by downloading a hacked game version from the internet or using a unique code that allows you to change the game files.

Once you have a hacked game version, you can access all the resources and in-game items for free. You can also use these same methods to hack other mobile games, so check our website for more information on how to hack mobile games.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Cheats Pc

If you’re looking for a way to get ahead in Rival Stars Horse Racing, a few cheat codes can help you out. Here are the best ones: -HORSES: This code will give you an extra horse to use in races.

-RACE: This code will let you race without worrying about energy or stamina. -CASH: This code will give you an extra $1,000 to spend on horses and upgrades. -UPGRADE: This code will give you an extra upgrade point to spend on your horses.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Unlimited Gold Ios

If you love horse racing and are looking for a game that will let you live out your dream, look no further than Rival Stars Horse Racing. This game has it all, from realistic graphics to in-depth gameplay, and is sure to please any horse racing fan. Best of all, it’s free to play!

In Rival Stars Horse Racing, you take on the role of a stable owner and trainer. You’ll start by choosing your horse, and then it’s up to you to get them in shape for races. Train them hard, and ensure they’re well-rested so they can perform at their best.

When race day comes, bet on your horse to win, place, or show, and then watch the race unfold. Will you see your horse galloping down the track towards the finish line… but will they be first across? It’s up to you to find out!

Rival Stars Horse Racing is available now for iOS devices. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today!


If you’re a fan of horse racing and looking for a mobile game to play, Rival Stars Horse Racing is a great option. And if you want to get ahead in the game, using cheat codes is a great way to do it. To enter cheat codes in Rival Stars Horse Racing, go to the settings menu and select “Enter Cheat Code.”