How Much is a Caracal Cat

How Much is a Caracal Cat

A Caracal cat is a medium-sized wild cat found in Africa and the Middle East. They are also known as the desert lynx and are similar in appearance to a domestic housecats. Caracals can grow about 2 feet long, with a tail roughly half that length.

They typically weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

You may wonder about caracal cats if you’re looking for a unique and exotic pet. These beautiful animals are relatively rare in the United States, but they make great pets for those who can provide them with the care they need. So, how much does a caracal cat cost?

Prices for caracal cats can vary depending on their age, health, and where you purchase them. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 for a healthy kitten or adult cat. While this may seem like a lot of money upfront, keep in mind that these cats can live up to 20 years with proper care.

If you’re interested in adding a caracal cat to your family, be sure to do your research beforehand. Make sure you have the proper enclosure and food for your new pet and that you’re prepared to handle any medical needs they may have. With some preparation and love, owning a caracal cat can be an enriching experience!

Can You Have a Caracal Cat As a Pet?

No, you cannot have a caracal cat as a pet. These beautiful felines are wild animals, not domestic pets. While they are sometimes kept in zoos, their natural habitat is the African Savannah.

Caracals can grow up to 2 feet tall and weigh up to 40 pounds – much too large to comfortably live inside a home. In addition, caracals are very shy around humans and prefer to avoid contact with us whenever possible.

Is Caracal Legal in the Us?

There are many different types of cats that people keep as pets in the United States, but caracals are not one of them. While there are no federal laws banning the ownership of caracals, many states have regulations that make it difficult or impossible to own one of these animals. In general, it is best to check with your local wildlife agency to see if owning a caracal is legal in your state before trying to acquire one.

Caracals (Caracal aurata) are medium-sized wild cats in Africa and Asia. They get their name from their distinctive black “tear streaks,” which run from the corner of their eyes down their cheeks. Caracals can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 40 pounds.

These shy but beautiful animals are most active at night when they hunt rodents, birds, and small mammals. Caracas will also eat fruits and vegetables if they are available. While caracals do not typically make good house pets, some people successfully keep them as such.

However, it is essential to remember that these animals are still wild creatures with all the instincts and behaviors that come along with that. If you are considering keeping a caracal as a pet, be sure to do your research first and be prepared for the challenges of caring for an exotic animal.

Do Caracals Hiss When Happy?

Do caracals hiss when happy? While we cannot know what emotions or thoughts a caracal might be experiencing, it is unlikely that they are hissing because they are happy. Hissing is generally associated with fear, aggression, or displeasure in animals.

So, if a caracal is hissing at you, it’s probably best to give them some space!

How Long Do Caracals Cats Live?

Caracals are a species of wild cat that is native to Africa. They are relatively small cats, males weighing around 18 pounds and females typically somewhat smaller. Caracals are known for their long, black-tipped tails and distinctive ears, with long tufts of black hair on the tips.

These cats typically live for about 12 years in the wild, though captive caracals have been known to live for up to 20 years.

Caracal Cat for Sale

Caracal cats are one of the most popular breeds of house cats. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and affectionate nature. Many people who own caracals say that they make excellent pets.

If you are thinking about purchasing a caracal cat, there are a few things you should know. First, caracal cats can be expensive. Prices vary depending on the breeder and the specific cat, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2000 for your new pet.

Remember that this price does not include additional costs such as food, litter, or vet bills. Second, caracal cats require a lot of attention and care. They are very active animals and need plenty of space to run and play.

A caracal may not be the right pet for you if you live in an apartment or small home. Third, caracals can be destructive if bored or left alone for too long. They will scratch furniture, climb walls, and make a mess if they are not given enough stimulation.

Be prepared to provide your cat with plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied. If you think a caracal cat is right for you, start by doing some research on reputable breeders in your area.

Are Caracal Cats Dangerous

Caracal cats are not dangerous to humans. However, they can be dangerous to other animals if they feel threatened. They have been known to kill smaller animals, such as rabbits and rodents.

Caracal Cat for Sale Texas

If you’re looking for a Caracal Cat for sale in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Here at, we have a wide variety of Caracals available from reputable breeders across the state. The Caracal is a medium-sized cat native to Africa and parts of Asia.

It is characterized by its long, black-tipped ears and reddish-brown coat. The Caracal is an excellent hunter and is a great pet for families looking for an active, intelligent companion. When considering a Caracal Cat for sale in Texas, research and find a reputable breeder who can provide you with all the information you need about this fantastic animal.

Caracal Cat for Sale near Me

If you’re on the hunt for a Caracal cat, you should know a few things. First, these cats are native to Africa and parts of Asia. They’re also sometimes called Desert lynxes or African lynxes.

Caracals are relatively small cats, but they’re potent jumpers and excellent hunters. When looking for a Caracal cat for sale near you, find a reputable breeder with healthy animals.

Are Caracal Cats Legal in California

Yes, Caracal cats are legal in California! These gorgeous felines are native to Africa and the Middle East, but they’ve recently gained popularity as pets in the United States. While they may look like mini lions or tigers, Caracals are pretty docile and make great companions.

If you’re thinking of adding a Caracal cat to your family, you should know a few things first. Caracals can live up to 20 years old, so they’re a long-term commitment! They also require plenty of space to roam and play – a house with a large backyard would be ideal.

And because they’re such active creatures, they need an owner who is prepared to keep up with their high energy level. If you think you can provide a loving home for a Caracal cat, check out your local shelters or rescue groups – there’s sure to be one looking for a forever home!

Are Caracal Cats Legal

If you’re considering adding a caracal cat to your family, you might wonder if they’re legal. The answer depends on where you live. In the United States, there are no federal laws regulating the ownership of exotic animals.

However, some states have bans or restrictions in place. For example, it is illegal in California to own a caracal cat as a pet. These felines are considered “dangerous wild animals” and fall under the state’s strict laws regarding exotic pets.

If caught with one, you could face up to six months in jail and a $10,000 fine. Texas also has strict laws when it comes to owning exotic animals. Caracal cats are not explicitly mentioned in the state’s regulations, but they are classified as “dangerous wildlife.”

This means it is illegal to own one without a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department permit. Permits are typically only issued for educational or scientific purposes. If you live in a state with more relaxed laws about exotic pets, it may be possible to own a caracal cat with little trouble legally.

Before making any decisions, check your local and state regulations to see what restrictions apply where you live.

Caracal Cat Size

Most caracal cats weigh between 15 and 30 pounds, with males averaging about 20% larger than females. They typically reach sexual maturity at one to two years of age and have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years in the wild. In captivity, however, they can live up to 20 years.

Caracals range in size from 2.5 to 3 feet long (including their tail) and stand about 1.5 feet tall at the shoulder.

Caracal Kittens for Sale in Georgia

If you’re looking for a new feline friend, you may be wondering where to find Caracal kittens for sale in Georgia. While this exotic breed is not as common as some others, a few options are available if you know where to look. Here are a few places to start your search:

1. The Savannah Cat Shoppe: This specialty retailer offers Caracal kittens for sale in both Savannah and Atlanta. They have a good selection of healthy, well-socialized kittens available, so it’s worth checking out their website or stopping by one of their locations if you’re in the area. 2. Exotic Feline Breeder Referral Network: This organization can help connect you with responsible breeders across the country who may have Caracal kittens for sale.

They also have helpful information about the care and upkeep of these unique cats, so it’s a great resource even if you don’t find your ideal kitten through them. 3. Local shelters or rescues: It’s always worth checking with local shelters and rescues first when looking for any pet, as they often have beautiful animals available for adoption at reduced rates (or even for free). You might get lucky and find a Caracal kitten up for grabs!

4. Online classifieds websites: If all else fails, searching online classifieds websites like Craigslist or Kijiji can sometimes result in Caracal kittens being offered for sale in Georgia (or even in other states). However, be sure to exercise caution when pursuing this route, as there are many scams associated with online pet sales.


If you’re looking for a unique and exotic pet, you may wonder how much a Caracal cat costs. While these cats are not commonly kept as pets, their striking features and independent nature make them an intriguing option for those seeking something different. So, how much does a Caracal cat cost?

On average, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,500 for one of these beautiful animals.