Hawks in Michigan

Hawks are common in Michigan, with many species calling the state home. The most common hawks in Michigan are the red-tailed hawk, Cooper’s hawk, and sharp-shinned hawk. These predatory birds can be found throughout the state, hunting small animals such as rodents and birds.

Hawks play an important role in keeping Michigan’s ecosystem balanced and healthy.

Hawks are impressive predators that can be found in many different parts of the world. In Michigan, several species of hawks call this state home. These birds of prey use their sharp talons and beaks for hunting small animals for food.

One of the most common hawks in Michigan is the red-tailed hawk. This hawk can be identified by its reddish-brown tail and wings. The red-tailed hawk typically preys on small mammals such as mice and voles.

These birds can also be seen hunting snakes, lizards, and insects. Another type of hawk often seen in Michigan is Cooper’s hawk. This bird has dark plumage with light-colored breasts.

The Cooper’s hawk typically preys on smaller birds such as sparrows and finches. These Hawks will also eat rodents and reptiles if given a chance. You’re sure to be impressed if you’re lucky enough to see one of these magnificent predators in action!

What is the Most Common Hawk in Michigan?

Many different types of hawks can be found in Michigan. However, the most common hawk is Cooper’s Hawk. This hawk type is known for its short, round wings and long tail.

It is a medium-sized hawk found in wooded areas throughout Michigan. The Cooper’s Hawk typically preys on small birds and rodents.

Is It Good to Have a Hawk in Your Yard?

Having a hawk in your yard can be good if you take proper precautions. Hawks are predators and can pose a danger to small pets and children if they feel threatened. It is important to keep an eye on your hawk and ensure it is comfortable around people.

If you have a hawk in your yard, keeping your trash securely covered and removing any potential nesting materials from the area is also important.

What are Hawks Found in Michigan?

Several different species of hawks can be found in Michigan. The most common include the red-tailed hawk, Cooper’s hawk, and sharp-shinned hawk. However, other less common species, such as the broad-winged hawk and ferruginous hawk, can also be found in parts of the state.

Red-tailed hawks are the most recognizable of all the hawks found in Michigan. These birds are large with reddish-brown plumage on their upper bodies and white or light grey plumage on their lower bodies. Their tails are, as their name suggests, typically red in colouration.

Red-tailed hawks can be found throughout Michigan but are more commonly seen in rural areas, open fields, and woods. Cooper’s hawks are another fairly common type of hawk found in Michigan. These birds are smaller than red-tailed hawks but larger than sharp-shinned hawks.

They have dark plumage on their upper bodies with lighter-coloured streaks running down their sides. Their tails are typically banded with stripes of light and dark colours. Cooper’s hawks can be found throughout Michigan, but they prefer wooded areas where they can hunt for smaller birds, such as songbirds or robins.

Sharp-shinned hawks are the smallest type of hawk that is commonly found in Michigan. As their name suggests, these birds have very long and slender legs, giving them their distinctive appearance. Sharp-shinned hawks have blue-grey plumage on their upper bodies and white plumage on their lower bodies, with barred patterns of darker colours running across them horizontally.

What Do Michigan Hawks Eat?

Hawks are carnivorous birds of prey that typically eat small to medium-sized mammals and reptiles. In Michigan, common hawk prey includes mice, voles, squirrels, snakes, and lizards. Hawks will also eat birds, other hawks, and invertebrates such as insects and earthworms.

Hawks typically hunt from perches or while flying low over grassy areas. When they spot their prey, they swoop down and grab it with their powerful talons. Once they hold their prey, they will carry it to a nearby tree or bush to eat in peace.

While different species of hawks prefer different types of prey, all hawks are skilled hunters that use their keen eyesight and sharp talons to deadly effect. If you’re lucky enough to see a hawk hunting in Michigan, you will surely be impressed by this amazing bird of prey!

Michigan Hawk Identification

Many different types of hawks can be found in Michigan. The most common type of hawk is the red-tailed hawk. Other hawks in Michigan include Cooper’s hawk, sharp-shinned hawk, broad-winged hawk, and red-shouldered hawk.

Hawks can range in size from about 11 to 26 inches long and have a 24 to 39 inches wingspan. Hawks are predators and eat small mammals such as mice, voles, and rabbits. They will also eat reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, and insects.

The best way to identify a hawk is by its call since they all look similar. The red-tailed hawk has a distinctive “chirp” sound, while Cooper’s hawk has a higher-pitched “kee-eek” sound. The broad-winged hawk has a loud “Greece” sound while the red-shouldered hawk has a softer “quack” sound.

If you see a Hawk in Michigan, it is likely either a Red-Tailed Hawk or Cooper’s Hawk, so those are the two species we will focus on for identification purposes. Adult Red Tails have brown upperparts with rusty-coloured underparts, while adult Cooper’s Hawks have grey upperparts with white underparts streaked with black. Juvenile Red Tails have brownish upper parts with pale rusty breasts and bellies, while juvenile Cooper’s Hawks are dark grey with yellow eyes (immatures may show some barring below).

There are other things to look for when trying to ID which type of Hawk you’ve seen, such as tail shape and wingtip color, but those characteristics can be variable, so they aren’t always reliable identifiers on their own. Hawks can be active at any time but are most often seen hunting during dawn and dusk hours when there is less activity and more shadows for them to hide before attacking their prey from above. If you hear one calling or see one flying overhead, keep an eye out for where it landed as they tend to perch in high places like trees or telephone poles where they can scan the area for food below them.

Cooper’S Hawk Michigan

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Broad-Winged Hawk Michigan

Broad-Winged Hawks are a common sight in Michigan during the summer months. These birds of prey are easily identified by their distinctive wing colouration and can be found hunting in open areas throughout the state. These hawks typically breed in forests but will use other habitats if suitable tree cover is available.

They are often found near lakes and rivers with large trees for nesting in Michigan. The female will lay two to five eggs in a nest made of sticks and twigs, usually high up in a tree. Both parents help to raise the young, which fledge (leave the nest) after about six weeks.

The juvenile birds will stay with their parents for another few weeks before dispersing to find their territories. Broad-Winged Hawks primarily eat insects but will also take small mammals and reptiles if the opportunity arises. During the breeding season, they hunt mostly during the day but may also do some hunting at night.

In winter months, they may switch to a more nocturnal schedule as their preferred prey becomes less active during the day.

Red-Shouldered Hawk Michigan

If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a red-shouldered hawk in Michigan, you’re seeing one of the state’s most iconic birds. The red-shouldered hawk is a large hawk with distinctive rusty-red shoulders and a striped belly. It can be found in wooded areas across the state, where it hunts for small mammals and reptiles.

The red-shouldered hawk is an important part of Michigan’s ecosystem, and its decline in recent years has been causing concern among conservationists. Habitat loss and degradation are the main threats to this species, as development encroaches on its natural habitat. But there are things that we can all do to help protect these magnificent birds.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk Michigan

The Sharp-shinned Hawk is one of the smallest hawks in North America and is a very common sight in Michigan. These Hawks are most often seen in wooded areas hunting for small birds. The Sharp-shinned Hawk has a blue-grey back, rusty red bars on the breast, and a white belly with thin black streaks.

Adults have a dark cap, while juveniles have a light brown cap. These hawks typically measure 9-13 inches with a wingspan of 20-26 inches. While the Sharp-shinned Hawk is widespread across Michigan, they are only sometimes easy to spot due to their small size and camouflage colouring.

However, these hawks can be easily distinguished from other small birds of prey by their long tails and quick flight patterns. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these elusive predators, you will surely be treated to an amazing sight!

Falcons in Michigan

Several species of falcons can be found in Michigan, including the American kestrel, peregrine falcon, and merlin. Each of these birds of prey has its own unique set of behaviours and physical characteristics. The American kestrel is the smallest member of the falcon family.

It can be found throughout North America, including Michigan. These birds are easily recognizable by their small size and blue-grey plumage with rusty streaks on the back and wings. Kestrels hunt primarily from perches, waiting for prey to come within range before swooping down for the kill.

Their diet consists mainly of small mammals and insects. Peregrine falcons are one of the most widespread bird species on earth, with a range that extends into Michigan. These large birds have dark plumage with barred underparts.

Peregrines are proficient hunters, preying on other birds in mid-flight. They use their sharp talons to grip their prey before killing it with a powerful beak strike. Due to pesticide poisoning and habitat loss, peregrine populations declined sharply in the 20th century but have since recovered thanks to conservation efforts.

Merlins are medium-sized falcons that can be found across North America, including Michigan. They have dark plumage with lighter streaks on their backs and wings. Merlins typically hunt small songbirds, chasing them through dense vegetation until they can snatch them up in their talons.

These agile flyers are known for their aerial acrobatics as they pursue their swift prey.

Eagles in Michigan

Eagles are a protected species in Michigan and can be found throughout the state. The bald eagle is the most common species seen near lakes and rivers. Other eagles, such as the golden eagle, are also found in Michigan.


Hawks are common in Michigan, with several species calling the state home. While most hawks are harmless to humans, there have been occasional reports of them attacking people or pets. The best way to avoid being attacked by a hawk is to give them space and not approach them too closely.